Why I am here?

I’m a mixture of eclectic and eccentric.  I’m wrapped in glitter, rolled in rainbow sprinkles and dipped in geekdom.  I would consider myself strange, weird, freaky and unusual.  I often thought of myself as alone in the world.  I mean who could possible relate to me or understand me? Who could possibly get me?! I spiraled down a path of anxiety and depression.  My world became a single window view of life and worries.  Though, once I started talking a little bit about what I was going through I started to realize I wasn’t alone.  I decided that it would be healthy for me to share my experiences with others, and hopefully it will help others know they are not alone. In addition, I hope to bring positive energy, kindness, knowledge and experience to others.

If you would like, come with me on my path in life.

Warning: I will post adult content from time to time. You must be of legal adult age in your state or country to read my blog.