Adventures in Me: Walking

When it’s very nice outside and I want to walk but can’t because of work. :/ Hopefully it will stay nice outside all day.  I have been walking more when I can and with Mama.  She is a great inspiration and motivation!


Weighing In

Currently I’ve lost a total of 25lbs and I’m five pounds away from my first goal. I’m very happy with my weight loss. My Daddy said he can tell I’m loosing weight. I need to add toning exercises and vitamins to my routine. In addition, since I’m eating less I need to remember that I’m eating less. I buy more food than I need. It goes longer and lasts. However, I am still in that mentality of eating more. Plus I have this fear of not having enough food. Thankfully I stop myself from eating all my food if I’m full and saving the rest for later.

Onward to lesser weight! 😆

Happy Weekend: Mostly

It has been a happy weekend for the most part. It had a few down moments. Though the positives out weigh the negatives.

Mostly the down moments had to do with two things. I miss my Daddy very very much. It was the first weekend in a couple months that I’ve not been able to spend with him. I miss him beyond words. Sometimes I just yearned to cuddle him and I wasn’t able to do that. Since he hasn’t been home and with his other partner A in two months, I’ve been giving him space. I’ve not called him and only sent him messages. Though, I do respect their space and I know how I would feel not seeing him in two months. Yet, it is hard. It is very hard.

The other negative was I’m most likely not getting the studio apartment. The guy who is sublet it said he needs to get out of there asap because of financial reasons. I’m not sure that I will have all the money the rental company wants by September 1st. He can’t wait another month. So, he is going to have them list it. Most likely it will be rented before I can come up with all of the money.

Now that all those negatives are done, let me focus on the positives.

I am looking into other rental options and hope to look at another place next week. I’m not sure if it will work out because she wants more than I can afford. Though she said we could talk about the price. So I shall see.

I got a wonderful co-op of fruits and vegetables yesterday. This all cost me only $18:


I got to go to market and see Mrs Tennant. We talked for awhile. I found out that we are both ok and she understands about me wanting to find a place to live closer to my work. Plus she understands about me not being able to come to market often because of funds. Though I did let her know I would still help her with events that she needed me. I miss seeing her on a regular basis. It is the whole reason I started going to market, to spend time with her.

After market I went to spend time with Aunt and Uncle. It was really good to spend time with them. I had missed them a lot. It was good to talk with them. We spent some time swimming too. I love their salt water pool! Then Aunt and I meet a couple friends and we had dinner. Then we went to see a play called The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. It was hilarious! It is not for kids because of some language and adult content. Though it was so funny and it spoke to my inner  child. I had a blast, more so than I thought I would. When we got back I talked with Aunt and Uncle for a little bit then went home.

It was very good day overall and I’m happy I did everything I was able to do.

Product Review: TruVision Health Day 14


Day 14 and it is looking like I’m loosing 3-4 pounds a week. Admittedly, I wish it was more. Though at least I’m loosing weight.

I need to cut back on the fast food again. Friday thru Monday I ate fast food almost every meal. This is why I try to get deli food from Kroger, it’s convenient and better for me.

Also I need to get on that treadmill and walk at least a couple times a week.

I think if I do both of these I will loose more weight a week.

Everything else is about the same. I just need to not sit for to long so I don’t get sleepy.

Onward towards another week of TruVision. It is looking like this product is worth it.