I wrote this today.  It describes how I feel right now and when my mental illnesses act up:

No rhyme or reason, yet mental treason.
Anxiety hits me as I start my day, not matter what I can say. Behind this smile on my face, is holding back tears trace.


Horror Short Story: Beastlys

I meant to post this story on Halloween and completely forgot. I wrote this for my brother’s horror story contest. I hope you enjoy!

I woke up in a dank barn covered in hay.  The smell around me was awful. It was a putrid combination of shit, piss and blood.  I blinked a few times.  It was difficult to see in the dark.  I started to make out other humans.  Some were in pins like me, surrounded by wood and hay.  The pregnant women were attached to some kind of suction device that was taking their milk.  All of them were tied in a circle to a metal device.  I could hear several others moaning in pain.  Then I heard heavy footsteps near the doorway. 
I tried to run but couldn’t.  There was a metal collar around my neck and chained to the floor.  The doors swung open and light filled the barn.  It was the Beastlys.  They had captured me and I knew my life was pretty much over.  They are big monstrous beings, covered in hair and most have hooves or paws.  They eat, use and consume humans for their own needs. 
I tried to pull on the chain.  I needed to escape.  It wouldn’t move.  I could hear the others screaming and crying.  One came over to me and I could feel his hot breath on my body.  It reeked and I almost vomited.  He was very muscular build with hooves and horns.  He was covered in black hair.  He had a ring through his nose.  He said something but I can never understand them.  I catch a word here and there.  His expression was one of disgust. 
He moved away from me and to another human.  I could hear the poor soul scream as the Beastly dragged him to the wooded table in the middle of the barn.  The Beastly tied his feet together and strung him upside down.  He took a sharp object and sliced his throat, then sliced down his body.  All the blood poured out and stained the hay bright red underneath him.  The guy twitched and screamed.  After a while he stopped and went limp.  The blood, so much, kept draining out of him. 
Next the Beastly grabbed another human and tied him to a wooden table in the middle of the barn.  He started chopping off limbs while he was still alive.  Then sliced up his body and pulled out the insides.  All along he was whistling.  The Beastly was happy at all this slaughter. 
The doors burst open and a smaller Beastly came running through the doors.  It looked very similar to the Beastly, just smaller.  It ran to me and was jumping up and down.  It seemed very excited.  I really was scared that I was going to die next.  The Beastly came over to me and looked disapproving.  I know they were communicating with each other.  I just didn’t know what they were saying.  I understood “Want” from the small Beastly.  Oh, no!  I was next! 
I tried to get away and pull from the chain.  I was frantic.  Nothing would work.  The Beastly came over to me and undid the chain from the floor.  Then he handed it to the small Beastly.  The small one is going to slaughter me? 
The small Beastly jumped up and down.  It ran towards the door and jerked me in that direction.  I dug my feet in.  I had no idea what would come next.  The small Beastly pulled on the chain more and made me walk in its direction. 
We went into the house.  The small Beastly showed me a soft blanket to lie on.  It dressed me in clothes like they wear.  It seemed very happy.  I felt a little relieved.  I’m not going to die.  It hugged me then ran to the kitchen.  When it came back the small Beastly put a bowl down in front of me.  All I understood was “Eat”. I looked down at the bowl and saw a finger with ground up meat. This was my life now.