I wrote this today.  It describes how I feel right now and when my mental illnesses act up:

No rhyme or reason, yet mental treason.
Anxiety hits me as I start my day, not matter what I can say. Behind this smile on my face, is holding back tears trace.


Adventures in Me: Mental Health 

I’m struggling with wanting to show up for an event to show support to a friend and organization, and taking care of myself. #mentalhealth

Adventures in Me: Mental Health 

So upset, sad, angry and lots of anxiety today. Solution to a problem is unreachable right now and causing me lots of stress. 

All of my stuff in storage might be on the streets soon because I have no way to get it to me. I don’t have any money for gas to have someone bring it to me,  to heavy for my car to handle and don’t want to use my credit card because I’m trying to stay out of debit. 😥 

Adventures in Me: Mental Health 

When issues and problems come up, like car problems, my anxiety gets worse. It is harder for me to remember things. It is harder for me to concentrate. It is harder for me to leave my place. My normal day to day anxiety heightens and makes my say harder, anxious and stressful. #EndTheStigma #LivingWithMentalIllnesses #YouAreNotAlone #AlwaysKeepFighting #akf