Adventures in Me: Walking

When it’s very nice outside and I want to walk but can’t because of work. :/ Hopefully it will stay nice outside all day.  I have been walking more when I can and with Mama.  She is a great inspiration and motivation!


Adventures in Me: Pants

Current concern: Where is my pants I was wearing yesterday? I noticed this morning they were not where they should be and I can’t find them anywhere. Weird?! I’m the only one in the house and I don’t even remember taking them off. I’m blaming the fairies!

Current mood: silly

Adventures in Me: Various

Yesterday: I believe my anxiety is manifesting in another way. Over sensitive skin, itchy, and over stimulated feeling.

April 14th: It’s scary that people don’t pay attention. Had another person almost hit my car as they were crossing the road like there was no traffic.

I heard that the Richard Spencer Neo Nazi event got canceled! Jumping for joy! Thank you everyone who helped!

The doggie we named Buddy that shows up at my work and we feed because we are not sure if he gets fed right from his owners.buddy

April 13th: The news, politics and Neo Nazis have me in a range of emotions to sad and angry. Just want to go home and cry.