Rant on Connection

Warning: Rant (read or don’t)
Note: The word You is used in the general term to help the text flow. It does not mean you who is reading this, unless the shoe fits..then yeah it means you.
There are so many things that you could care about. There are homeless in our country and others. There are people who go without food in our country and others. There are Veterans who need help. There are elderly who need company. There is the whole universe and space exploration. There is helping others. There is creating universal education and health care.
Yet you would rather care about who uses the bathroom. Or who marries who. Or who is getting what you are not getting. Or who has more money. Or whose skin color isn’t yours. Or who is the bad guy this day, week, month, year, or decade. Life isn’t a fucking realitiy show. It’s fucking petty and small minded way of thinking.
Step back and look at the bigger picture. Can’t you see we are all connected? We all have different walks of life. Yet we all have similarities too. We are all connected regardless of what we look like or believe. We are connected on a quantum level too, down to the atoms. We are connected.
So we need to stop fightening and start working together. Because you only hurt yourself and everyone around you when all you see is the differences.
Remember…we are all the same.  We are connected.

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