Adventures in Me: Politics 

For those who don’t understand, the Women’s March wasn’t just about Trump being President. It is about Trump as a person, Trump’s cabinet picks as people, racism, LGBTQ rights, water rights, climate, and any kind of equal human rights to do with our bodies as we see fit. No one should be allowed to tell us what we can and can’t do with our own bodies. No one! Yet because some people have personal issues or agendas against another group of people or ideas they think it is okay to push their rights onto others. Wrong! It is Never okay. Just because you think you will be okay does not mean everyone will be okay. It just shows how privileged you are. I can guarantee I’m not okay with someone trying to take my rights away or try to kill me or try to put me in a concentration camp. If you don’t think those things can happen, then you are very naive. There has been concentration camps not just in Germany but in the US. When will you wake up? When your neighbors are taken away or when your children? I have to work about this everyday in my life about myself and my family. So I resist every day every way I can. I will continue to do so. Because I refuse to let history repeat itself. I refuse to let discrimination just happen. I will fight and I’m not alone. 


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