Random Thoughts on Yoga


Recently I had a few thoughts on my yoga experience so far that I wanted to jot down:
  • Yoga helps calm my mind when stressed/anxiety ridden/depressed.
  • Some yoga is more relaxing than others, i.e. Restoration and Yin. This doesn’t make it less important and helpful in my health. It is just as essential.
  • I’m more flexible on one side of my body than another. I’m not sure which one yet. Though, some poses I can do better on one side than another. Example, doing Pigeon pose my left leg out straight and right leg tucked horizontal under me; I was able to extend (forward bend) all the way to the floor like I was taking a nap. I was very proud of myself. Yay fat chick doing the yoga, bending all the way forward! 😉
  • Thanks to Mama if I need a prop I will use one, even if not suggested.
  • Some times props are not needed if I want to push myself with in my limit.
  • I think some people feel a need to not use props, like they are not doing the work right or at all if they are using props. Some times I see people hesitate in using a prop until someone else does.
  • When a teacher puts one hand on my neck and another one on my lower spin, the energy through my spin is amazing.
  • Relax muscles…relax! Let go of control. Relax into the pose.
  • Essential oil on the third eye at the last pose is helpful and I enjoy.
  • Om at the beginning and end of class is essential. I love the chant. I love “Let there be peace in my heart, Let there be peace in my word and Let there be peace in my thoughts. Namaste.” Om means Yes!
  • I like when teachers explain a little history and why we do certain things.
  • I believe yoga is making my butt look more amazing than it already was. Baby got back!

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