Politics: What you Can Do

I’m just shaing this information. I didn’t write this:

Keep calling, people. It is working.
Sharing Nadine Smith’s words:
Put this on your calendar to do Monday.
Last week, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner sat in on Trump’s first meeting with a foreign dignitary, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This is a state meeting, not the family business and they had no security clearance and she is supposed to be creating a firewall by running his businesses during his presidential term. Donald Trump shows once again his lack of ethics. He must be held accountable by the people.
Please call the House Oversight Committee (202-225-5074) to support the call for a bipartisan review of Trump’s financials and apparent conflicts of interest. It takes two minutes, and the woman on the phone said that they are absolutely tallying calls – the more they get, the more likely the Committee is to demand ALL of Trump’s financial information.
She said that there’s not much time left, as they are out of the office next week for Thanksgiving. And after that, they’re going to make a decision.
Please, do this ASAP. If you get a “mailbox is full” message, call back in a minute or so – that seems to be the default when lines are busy.
That number again is (202-225-5074)
Please share.




Edited: Call  2022255051 instead 


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