Adventures in Me: Work 

So a coworker who I talk with about the Walking Dead asked me What is my idea of an Afterlife?
Thankfully I was saved by a phone call but he wants to talk with me about it later. To me, this is to close to my religion ideas and I am going to have to tell him I don’t discuss religious ideas at work. 

In addition, He was shocked that Sunday’s episode didn’t bother me (language and distribution of Negan making Rick suck his dick). He said that he needs to send me the Gospel according to the Walking Dead. Plus he is a youth minister. 

I really don’t need someone at work trying to “save” me. 


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Me: Work 

  1. Just my opinion here but you are absolutely spot on and within your right to let your co-worker know that you don’t discuss religion in the workplace. It may just be an innocent question but depending on the “political and religious climate” of your workplace it could open you up to be the victim of discrimination. I wish that people could ask questions and accept answers with open minds. I think the entire dialogue would change if people could talk and respect others opinion and beliefs regardless of whether we agree or disagree.

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    1. I wish it was possible to discuss too without judgment and respecting beliefs. Though, I know it is not possible for everyone. I know at work since they are conservative that I need to make sure they don’t know certain things about me. Most days, I like my job and the people I work with. I wish their views were different. Though, they are not my life, they are just co workers and I’m friendly because I work with them.

      I have actively avoided this coworker I was talking about in my post. I have been keeping from walking by his office and if I forget/have to, I walk fast. I have been keeping conversations with him short and/or work related. He hasn’t brought it up again. I have decided to stop talking with him about the Walking Dead unless he brings it up, in fact I probably won’t bring up conversations with him anymore. I just feel it is going to cause more problems and me feeling uncomfortable. I have a feeling he is getting the hint but he hasn’t said anything to me. Hopefully he has dropped it, like I have.


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