Adventures in Me: Political 

Yes, I am, becoming more political.

I just called my Senators and House Representatives. I let them know that I don’t want Steve Bannon in office and to fight his appointment to office. 

Please call your representatives to let them know how you feel.
A script if you are not sure what to say (I didn’t write this) :
“Hello, I am an Alabama voter and I am asking you to fight the appointment of Steve Bannon by President-elect Trump. Bannon is an open white nationalist, and a danger to many Alabamians. Racism is not a conservative value. Please do not stand by and allow Trump to appoint someone who cannot possibly have the best interest of your constituents in mind.”

Thank you! This is how you can help! I know it can be scary, all of this is scary to me. Plus I hate talking on the phone. Yet I did it. This is important and our voices need to be heard! 


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