It seems like a lot has been going on lately and I just haven’t had the words to express them very well.

This Friday I am taking off work so I can have minor surgery.  It is something small, just a piece of skin taken off and sent to pathology.  Though, I will still have to be put out during it and will have stitches because of where it is at.  I’m a bit nervous.  Tomorrow morning I go in to have lab work done for the surgery.

Work has started the stressful time of year with the work circus end of year and inventory.

I have started watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning.  I just started season 3 last night.  I love the show and I’m a sucker for inner monologues.

I didn’t do much for Halloween/Samhain.  I felt guilty that I don’t practice as much of my beliefs or at least I don’t like I used to.  I do pray in my own way everyday, several times a day.

Trying to keep up with friends/families birthdays has seemed difficult lately.  I just want to make sure they know I care about them.

I am meeting a woman for coffee tomorrow after work.  She messaged me on a social site to accept a friend’s request.  So I added her and noticed that we have a few similar interests.  I asked if she would like to meet for coffee.  I’m excited and nervous.  It is a bit out of my comfort zone to do this.  Though, I am trying to do that more, stretch out of my comfort zone, and stop being so much of a hermit. Never know where something can lead.  She seems a weee bit excited to meet me.

Daddy and I are doing good.  We both respect and love our relationship with each other.  We work through the difficult times. We communicate. We learn and grow from each other. We enjoy our time together. We have fun and laugh.  I love our relationship.  I’m so happy and thankful that he is in my life.  I love my Daddy more than all the stars in the sky.

I have cooked recently a few times for my Daddy.  He is both trying to help me learn to cook better.  I seem to enjoy cooking more when it is at least the both of us I’m cooking a meal for.  Last time I cooked this past weekend I made meatloaf and mash potatoes.  It turned out really good!

I need to get on some cleaning at my place.  I have let a few things go because my head has been a mess lately and the desire isn’t there.  My place isn’t a mess, just my head.  There are just some things I keep putting off that I would like to clean.

Recently I had a problem with my blood sugar again.  I didn’t eat right for dinner and took my Metformin. I woke up in the middle of the night with low blood sugar and panic attacks.  I ate a protein bar and drank some soda with sugar in it.  I finally got better.  Though, I still had panic attacks through out the night. It took a toll on my body the next day and about 24 hours for my body to get right again.  Some times I don’t know why I have panic attacks.  Though, if something is wrong with my body, like low blood sugar or having to throw up, I will have a panic attack. It just happens without me being able to control it.

My insurance plan is changing.  It is the same company, just different plan.  I will have to pay more copay on my prescriptions and I will have to start paying 20 a month towards my insurance.  I know it is a blessing it isn’t any worse.  Yet it is still a financial adjustment for me. Hopefully I get a good pay raise next year.

I feel like I’m loosing weight and inches.

Well, I need to go.  You all have a good evening!


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