Mouse in the House


There is enough evidence for me to believe I have a mouse in my house.  I spent an hour freaking out when I came home yesterday.  Thankfully it doesn’t look like anything was chewed up, just droppings.  Looks like it was mostly in my bedroom looking for food and water maybe.  I took a whole big bottle of water and peppermint oil, and sprayed my whole house.  Since peppermint oil is so strong many bugs and mice can’t stand the smell.  I hair tied a couple cabinets closed, incase it came from holes under sinks.  I need to finish cleaning up.  Since my place isn’t that big, if it was still there I might have seen it.  However, I’m not positive about that.  I know they can hide about anywhere and just because I didn’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  I’m going to get some mice traps after work to put out.  When I can I’m getting something my Daddy told me about that I can spray, I think it is a type of polymer, to cover holes in the other door way I don’t use.

Though, all of this has my anxiety gnawing away at me and until I can get rid of it or know it is gone, it is going to continue to gnaw at me.


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