Weekend Update


This past weekend was disappointing. I wasn’t able to go spend the weekend with my Daddy. His biological grandmother isn’t feeling good and it wasn’t a good weekend to be there. I do understand the situation, I’m still sad that I didn’t get to see him and not sure if I will this week.  I miss him lots!

I have done more cleaning. Though not everything I would have liked. I did get some things done that I have been needing to. However I had to try to wash some of my clothes in the sink because I couldn’t go over there and I don’t have the money for the laundromat. I have to do a few at a time because it takes all day to dry.

I have watched a bunch of movies which has been entertainment for me. Looked on some of my social sites. I was able to talk with my Daddy a bunch on Saturday. I think it made us both feel good.

Sunday morning I went to take the trash out and vacuum my car. I needed to get the baking soda up. Well I didn’t read the machine or realize that it was an air/vacuum. I used all my change on the air by accident. I went into the gas station to see about buying something to get change.  Well, the cashier gave me the change.  I didn’t ask her.  Though, I felt guilty for taking it.  Though, she said it would be to much trouble to do it the other way that I wanted.  I thanked her a lot.  I still felt bad.  Though, one side of my car now looks great on the floorboard.  This means I will need to clean my car soon and make it sparkle!

It rained a lot on Sunday.  I’m glad, we needed it.  Though, trying to watch horror movies with hot and cold cloud banging proved more frightening.  I think I jumped once ten feet.

It was a pretty exciting weekend.  Well, there wasn’t much I could do with being broke.


Bam at 4am this morning anxiety! No reason. My brain keeps trying to find a reason, and I’m like no. So now I’m just looming doom and trying to ignore the anxiety.  It is getting better but only when I’m able to not think about what I am feeling, and I’m distracted.

I might a review of some of the movies I watched later.  I hope you all are having a wonderful day!  Anything positive is possible!


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