Okay, George. I’ll oblige.
Been Married– no
Been divorced – can’t be divorced if never married
Fell in love– oh yes
Gone on a blind date- no
Skipped school– not outright
Watched someone give birth- nope
Watched someone die– yes
Been to Canada– yes to show dogs and get Canadian championship on one
Ridden in an ambulance– no
Been to Hawaii– no
Been to Europe– no but want to
Seen Grand Canyon in person–no but want to
Flown in a helicopter- no
Been on a cruise– no…maybe one day
Served on a jury–nope
Been in a movie–I wish!
Danced in the rain– yes by myself lol
Been to Los Angeles–nope
Been to New York City–no, just upstate new york
Played/Sang in a band– no
Sang karaoke–yes
Laughed so much you cried– yes
Laughed so hard you peed– yes lol
Caught a snowflake on your tongue– yes
Had children– nope just stuffies
Had a pet(s)– yes at one time
Been sledding on a big hill–yes
Rode on a motorcycle– yes
Traveled to all 50 states- nope
Jumped out of a plane– no and this will never happen
Been to a drive-in movie– yes
Rode a Horse– yes but not far
Been on TV–yes
Been in the newspaper–yes
Stayed in the Hospital– yes when I had my gall bladder removed
Donated blood– yes but not able to anymore because of low iron and meds I’m on
Gotten a piercing– yes
Gotten a tattoo–yes
Driven a stick shift — no
Been scuba diving– no
Rode in the back of a police car–no
Got a speeding ticket– yes
Broken a bone– no
Gotten stitches– yes see gall bladder, they were more like stapels
Traveled Alone– yes and I’m very caucious when I do
From your phone: Hold your finger down and select copy… Then go into status an paste it. Change your answers.

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