Status Update

I’m frustrated that I might have to upgrade my phone soon. 😦  Basically I’m having issues receiving texts.  My phone is old.  The customer service rep is telling me I need a newer phone so it will work better because they are taking down old towers and putting up newer towers that run on a different system. I’m going to continue to have this problem even if it gets better later and other problems are going to happen.  I know my phone is old.  My anxiety is telling me that he just wants me to buy a newer phone, but I know that isn’t always correct.  I’m going to go to my phone provider location after work tomorrow and hopefully see what my options are.  I possibly could get a newer phone on a payment plan with my monthly service.  Hopefully this isn’t going to cost me a lot.  I don’t want any $800 phone, that is just outrageous to me.  Heck, $200 is outrageous to me but might have to be what I get.

Now I’m anxious because I don’t want a hike in my phone bill payments (by adding a phone payment) and I’m uncertain what my health insurance will be like come October. Anxiety cha cha cha!  Money is a big stresses for me.  I guess that fun stuff I bought Friday now I can feel even more guilty about feeding my shopping addiction by buying somethings I don’t need.  I should be able to have fun too.  One was for my health!  That is good, right?!  Okay so anxiety and guilt and stress!  What else can I add?!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


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