Reblog Picture from Anxious Penguin and Update: My Doom Weekend

via do you even penguin — Anxious Penguin – THE WEBCOMIC

Me: This is a good representation of my weekend.  My brain won’t stop throwing up Doom!  There is no reason for it.  This past couple of weeks have been mentally difficult for me and makes me wonder if I need to up my meds?  Am I good most of the time or is it just that everything is going roses?  Then when it rains I can’t handle it?  Nope…I know my lexapro still lets me handle those rainy times ten times better than before.  There are times I have no emotion and I’m numb.  Then there are times that I have to much emotion.  At least this is how it has been lately or this weekend.  I think I am better now that I have straightened out a few worries that they are just that.  Though, in the mean time before that waterfall tears and destruction.  All I can think is that I can’t go back to before I was on meds.  I have to pull it together.  It is just worries.  It isn’t real.  No facts.  And, it is not all about me!  I see things so local that I don’t take into account different views or emotions.  A plus B must mean C!  Though, it is possible it could be D.  Though, I can’t see D because I’m to focused on C.  Then I get all worked up and bam!  Doom everywhere! I’m mentally exhausted right now.  Though, I think things are better.  


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