Update: My Weekend

Last weekend I didn’t get to spend much time with my Daddy.  Just things that happened nothing major.  Plus he wasn’t feeling well on that Sunday, better now.  I mostly stayed home and watched TV.  Though, I’m very happy that I finished that side project and was able to get paid last week for it.  There is a few editing I still need to do, but I’m happy to not have to worry about it every weekend.

My left foot is still bothering me.  Pain stabbing like something is trying to stab me from the inside out, it is a bone spur.  I iced it this morning for 30 minutes, it was a little better.  I just need to keep doing it every day and make it a habit instead of letting it go.  Walking or standing is a chore to me because it tends to hurt.  Can’t afford a foot doctor so going to just hope it gets better.

This past weekend on Friday I went to meet a friend who now lives in Australia but is in the states for a month.  It was good to see her, talk and spend time.  I will call her Ms. Australia, I know very original. She bought me dinner and meet me half way, which I didn’t think she would.  I only got to spend about an hour and half with her but it was nice to see her face to face.  I guess I didn’t realize I missed her as much as I did and some things we have in common.  On my way home I’m like nope nope can’t fall for her…she lives in Australia, this is the first time she has been in the states in seven years.

Sometimes I think I get lonely but don’t want to say or feel like I’m lonely.  I mean I enjoy being introverted and being by myself.

I watched Stranger Things on Saturday and some Fringe on Sunday.  Then Sunday I went to visit with my Daddy.  It was good to cuddle with him and see him.  Sometimes I get emotional about not talking or spending much time with him.  He is working on some things that are good for him and sometimes I just don’t feel like going anywhere.

Sometime later that afternoon it was like a switch was flipped and I was all upset.  It seemed like for no reason.  I mean it could be the added foot pain stress on my body and needing to eat but not feeling hungry.  I’m not sure.  Though, I was upset and couldn’t stop crying.  Thankfully my Daddy helped me feel better.  Cuddles help! 😀

It upsets me when I get like that, I don’t do it as often as I used to.  Though, I worry about slipping back into doing it more often and causing problems with my relationship with my Daddy. 😦  I just can’t do that.

I am going to the grocery store today.  I really don’t need to but I have the overwhelming need to stock up on things.  I have more food than I can consume, most are not perishable.  I would like a deep freezer.  I know I would fill it too.  I just like the comfort of knowing I won’t run out of food, and I know I spend more money on food than I should.


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