Dream Journal: A Dream and Nightmare

Warning! The nightmare is horrific! 

Early Sunday morning I had a dream and a nightmare. It was one of those deep dreams, especially the nightmare. I tend to sleep better when the environment is colder. I think my brain is just more active the deeper I sleep, in REM or other ways. At times I wonder if my dreams are parallel worlds but I have not basis besides feeling. There have been a couple times I woke up a date felt I was somewhere else. Are my dreams just influenced by what I watch or am I influencing my reality because of what I watch and think about? I believe strongly and have seen proof of me changing my reality by my thoughts.

I digress. My dream Sunday morning was going to a concert with my Daddy. I have been to this concert before in my dreams. I felt very much like I was with my Daddy, I could feel him there. Though at one point he didn’t want to be there and left. He went to see a friend. I stayed with my friends. After the concert I think I found him. It gets fuzzy some of the details. I might have woken for a few and this is where it changed into the nightmare.

I think I was undercover or doing some kind of research. It is more fuzzy now what happened. I should write these when I wake up. All I remember is hiding and following strange people around. One guy wanted to be with me but I declined. Instead I went to this woman’s room, someone I knew  and had a good time with her. I left to check out something. I think it was evil mob type boss. Then it switches that I’m the other woman. I’m upset because all I hear is a chainsaw. Women, including me but not that perspective, are having their arms cut off. They are made into dolls on wires. Part of their skin is taken off too. I as the other woman see what is done to me and scream. I just remember hearing so loudly the chainsaw and the body parts falling. Then I wake up.

It took me a bit to realize where I was when I woke up. Hard to get moving  again. I have wondered for awhile that nightmares are brought on by a chemical need in the brain because it sure does feel like that when I wake up.

Then again it could be many things like parallel worlds or just tv shows.  I just hope I never find myself in an evil world I can’t get out of, at times it can feel that way in my nightmares. Sometimes I wonder what is real in those few moments I wake up.


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