Life Update

​I’m doing a bit better! Still a lot rolling around in my head.  Plus times like this my anxiety tries to rear its ugly head.  Something else might go wrong?!  Something else might destroy my mind foundation, a few more bricks might crumble.  What if? What if? What if?

I have been keeping busy by watching Fringe series and playing Neko Astume!  I will at some point have a post on Fringe. Ah Walter Bishop and Peter Bishop seem to be rolling around in my head too, I watch so much I can hear their voices in my head. And, those cute kitties are so adorable!  They give me dopamine every time I see them! 😀

I have been giving a lot of thanks to Kuain Yin and the Universe about all I’m grateful for in my life.  Trying to keep that positive going and not get lost in negative thoughts.  Posting something positive that I’m thankful for every morning helps too.

I have way to much food in my house.  It is like I’m stocked up for an apocalypse.  At lease most of it won’t go bad but I can’t eat it all or more than often.  Why can’t fat go to just my boobs and arse?

My left foot is still bothering me but I’m hoping after a few days of icing and massaging it with a frozen soup can, it will get better.  I’m not sure what else to do.  Can’t afford a specialist.

I really don’t feel like doing much of nothing. Blah!  Though, I feel like I’m to lazy all the time.  I don’t do much of anything but hide in my safe little house watching tv shows and movies.  Yes!  It is safer that way…I guess.  I should be reading or coloring or doing something besides being a lump.  At least I keep my place clean, just got to get some dust bunnies.

Why isn’t there Funko Pops for Fringe?!  There needs to be!!!!

I love my stuff more than I should.  It gives me tiny bits of dopamine.  I am addicted to Bath and Body Works too.  I don’t buy it unless it is on sale but they have good sales, and I love things that are cute or smell good.  Right now Peony and Raspberry Sweet Mint are my two favorites.  I think I could open a store…ha ha ha!

Well, I should get back to work. I hope you all are having a wonderful day! Happy Hump Day!


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