Busy Bee

Work has been stressful and busy this week.  It has been difficult for me to do anything.  I have been working on this sales tax audit with my supervisor.  Since the RDS audited our sales tax, my boss wanted us to go by three years for certain vendors and pull all the invoices for certain items.  The invoices were copies and data entered per item into a spreadsheet.  The last two days I haven’t had time for a lunch break.  Tuesday I worked 12 hours straight with no break, at least I get over time.  I’m exhausted and annoyed.  Today I just want to scream and everything is annoying me.  Though, at least it is over (crosses fingers).

I have had little time to get ready for my vacation to visit my given family.  I leave with my Daddy after work tomorrow.  I’m so ready mentally.  Though, there is still lots to be done beforehand.  I have to wash clothes, get gas, pack..yeah packing would be nice.  I want it all done and have no desire right now.  Though, I will have to get it done tonight after work some how.

I just want to hermit and forget everyone for weeks but that isn’t possible.  At least I get a vacation and when I come back my paycheck will be good with over time on it.

There are things I want now that I can’t have that are on sale and won’t be on sale next week.  Whine!  I want a Marvel Hulk Tee Turtle Shirt (and get my Daddy the Punisher one),  and I want to get a game on Steam that is half off (and a game for my Daddy that he wants…Witcher 3).  Though, even with the sales it is expensive but more so when afterwards.  So I’m probably going to have to wait until they are on sale again.  More whining!  Doom 3 won’t work on my lap top!!!! I might need a new lap top at some point.  Yes! I’m that serious about playing Doom 3!!!!!

Not a lot going on right now besides stress of work.  I’m glad I get to see my Daddy tonight and get some much needed cuddle time!

Back to the grind!!!!




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