The Weekend


I might have been a bit upset this weekend but I’m doing better now. Fuck it! There is no reason to waste time thinking about what could or should or will be, at least in relation to striking out. If someone doesn’t want to be with me, fuck it. They apparently can’t see how awesome I am and a wonderful partner I would be. Saved me further time that could have been wasted.

I have my amazing Daddy. If someone else comes along, that would just be more wonderful icing. I love food references, giggles.

Speaking of food, my Daddy made some awesome spaghetti this weekend! I have some for dinner tonight. I can’t wait! He cooks very good! Better than me. This time it had spiral noodles because they are more fun. Tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, garlic, oregano and bacon! Yes bacon!

This weekend besides feeling a little upset, was pretty good. I’m overwhelmed with a side project for extra cash and having problems getting it finished. I did work on it some.

Lots of cuddle time with my Daddy!

I finished Orange is the New Black season 4. Hopefully soon I will have a review of the season.

I found out that my Daddy’s girlfriend is starting to like me, as a person. Apparently the first impression I give people is that I’m a jealous overprotective cunt bitch that can’t stand to see her partner flirt with others. All of this without talking to me. My Daddy had to explain that I am very introverted. Though since I don’t talk randomly for no reason and dislike small talk, then I get labeled a bitch and cunt. I wish this wasn’t the case. Apparently people would rather listen to jibber jabber and labeled friendly. I don’t understand people or social cues or society.

Even though it might not seem it, I did have a good weekend. The best being cuddling with my Daddy.


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