Inner Roundtable: The Strike Out

Me: So she only has platonic feelings for me.

Inner Demon : Maybe you should give up looking for a “secondary”.

Me: I don’t have to give up.

Little Girl: I’m want a play mate!

Inner Demon: You are greedy and selfish. Be happy you have your Daddy.

Me: I am happy.

Annie Anxiety: What if no one ever wants to date us?

Me: Then I will be happy with just my Daddy.

Inner Demon: You are not awesome and your first impressions to others is that you are a cunt and bitch.

Me: I’m not. I’m assertive and an introvert.

Sally Social: You have to play the game and fake it. Be out going!

Me: I dislike talking to just talk. Small talk is annoying and pointless.

Inner Demon: No one will ever want to date you. You are disgusting and fat! Who would want you?

Me: Maybe. Maybe not.

Irene Introvert: I just want to be alone. You all are exhausting.


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