Grinds my Gears


Everyday at the work circus there is something that grinds my gears. My boss whistling and my supervisor humming. I know it should not get to me but it does. Many times I want quite. Though, those two things drive me up the wall and I want to scream at them to stop but I can’t.


I never thought of it as anxiety or sensory overload before. Though that makes perfect sense! I’m empathic, feel people’s energies and moods. I have trouble blocking it but I have gotten better at it. I process my thoughts, feelings and tons of information everyday. Things that annoy me are just an overload of my senses.

I have noticed that if I’m in a loud room it gets to me all the noise. My cellphone helps me focus on something else like the Internet to get thru it.

Or maybe I’m just a fairy in disguise too…..



One thought on “Grinds my Gears

  1. I like to have my door closed too. Sudden distractions of others movement jumps me out of my thoughts, and that doesn’t feel good. My mother knows this and surprises me when I am walking and have my back turned away -:@


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