Recently my Daddy has taken on a girlfriend.  I will call her Ms. Tiger. ( I’m not sure if I updated but when he came back from the city way back in October/November 2015, he and A broke up.  Good riddance to her.  She wasn’t a good person and wasn’t treating my Daddy good.)

Though, now I’m in shock from all the past girlfriends who all wanted me out of the picture and my Daddy to himself.  Yet at the same time I’m once again trying to make an effort to be friends with her.  So far so good.  At least she talks to me a little.  I find that she doesn’t think to ask me how I’m doing when I ask her.  Hopefully that in time will change because it shows me right now a bit self centeredness, then again we are not besties either.

She has a “primary”.  I’m trying to be friends with them both.  I’m making an effort.  I like the idea of having big families and us all being friends in a sense.  I feel more comfortable too with everything.  Plus, after all these years my Daddy has always chosen me when others tried to make him choose.  So, I’m more self confident in our relationship.  Also, in general I just don’t have the same anxieties as I used to.  I guess after awhile I’m better?  I’m not sure.  Though, it does help that my Daddy has been more attentive to me.  I feel like he is putting me first and not ignoring me.  It makes me feel good.

We are both polyamours (many loves) and that can be defined so many different ways and done different ways.  We are still working on it.  Communication is very much key.  Though, I think we are getting better at it.

Now if I could only find me a nice woman to date…..


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