Why I am here?

I’m a mixture of eclectic and eccentric.  I’m wrapped in glitter, rolled in rainbow sprinkles and dipped in geekdom.  I would consider myself strange, weird, freaky and unusual.  I often thought of myself as alone in the world.  I mean who could possible relate to me or understand me? Who could possibly get me?! I spiraled down a path of anxiety and depression.  My world became a single window view of life and worries.  Though, once I started talking a little bit about what I was going through I started to realize I wasn’t alone.  I decided that it would be healthy for me to share my experiences with others, and hopefully it will help others know they are not alone. In addition, I hope to bring positive energy, kindness, knowledge and experience to others.

If you would like, come with me on my path in life.

Warning: I will post adult content from time to time. You must be of legal adult age in your state or country to read my blog.

Status Update: Health Insurance 

My insurance plan is changing, same insurance company through work. Soon I will have to pay more out of pocket for certain co-pays. The office visits co-pays are already as high as they can make them. My prescription co-pays will be going up a lot but I have an additional rx card to help lower the costs. It won’t be like before but it won’t be outrageous like now. In addition, my work is going to start taking out $20/month for my insurance. I know overall I still have it better than some others and I’m not paying as much. Though it is a still a shock to my income. I’m hoping for a wonderful pay raise next year to balance it out more for me. 

Update: Today & Weekend 

Today, and since yesterday, I have had issues with my texts on my phone. Finally it is working again. I’m relieved because it is the main way I communicate. 

Also, on one my social sites I took off a bunch of people who I didn’t want on there anymore. No reason to have people who don’t like me on my profile. I might take off more and other sites too. I’m tired of people being polite but not liking me and people who judge me without even trying to get to know me. 

Found out yesterday that apparently people think I’m hard to get to know, like talking to a brick wall and I’m like a bump on the log. It just shows me that people just want easy fake conversations and fake friends . Plus people like the easy way, nothing to difficult for them. (I’m talking about people in general, not all people are that way thankfully.) Oh and I give some people bad vibes and dont want me in their house. Phfff whatever! Apparently I’m evilllll! Bwahahaha! 

Oh and I am so sorry that I have higher standards and don’t want to wade thru trash and bugs when visiting someone. Not sorry really. 

Don’t need this drama so bye Felicia! 

That is all for now. Yeah I’m a bit angry but I  will be fine and get over it and move on. I don’t need a bunch of friends. I have chosen family, and friends both count.